Bath Bomb: Monkey Farts

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Soak in a warm and alluring atmosphere with exhilarating aromas and moisturized skin with our intoxicating at-home spa experience… Let your worries fade away as your mind and body relax using one of our many bath bombs.

This Monkey Farts* bath bomb is a must try! Treat yourself — you deserve it!

Monkey Farts:

One of our most popular fragrances for 20+ years (and counting!), Monkey Farts is a tropical blend of banana, coconut, lime, and other fruity scents. We promise you, it smells better than it sounds.

Directions for Use:

    • Draw a bath and get in.
    • Unwrap your bath bomb and place it in the water.
    • Watch the magic happen.
    • Enjoy your bath!


Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Plant Oils (Coconut and Palm), Fragrance, Natural Colors, Clay, Witch Hazel, and LOVE.

*does not contain monkeys or monkey by-products.


Vegan Friendly
Cruelty-Free/Not tested on animals
Tested on family & friends instead!
Made in Cape May, NJ, by A Place on Earth

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