Bath Bomb: Salty Mermaid

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Soak in a warm and alluring atmosphere with exhilarating aromas and moisturized skin with our intoxicating at-home spa experience… Let your worries fade away as your mind and body relax using one of our many bath bombs, available in a range of colors and scents to suit your every mood and need!

This Salty Mermaid* bath bomb is a must try! Treat yourself — you deserve it!

Salty Mermaid:

Escape to the seashore any time of the year with our Salty Mermaid fragrance, infused with the refreshing scents of fresh rain, lily of the valley, jasmine, pine, and musk.

Directions for Use:

    • Draw a bath and get in.
    • Unwrap your bath bomb and place it in the water.
    • Watch the magic happen.
    • Enjoy your bath!


Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Plant Oils (Coconut and Palm), Fragrance, Natural Colors, Clay, Witch Hazel, and LOVE.

*No mer-folk were harmed in the making of this product.


Cruelty-Free/Not tested on animals
Tested on family & friends instead!
Made in Cape May, NJ, by A Place on Earth

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