Compassion in Every Bubble: Our Commitment to Cruelty-Free Testing and Development

Compassion in Every Bubble: Our Commitment to Cruelty-Free Testing and Development

Posted by Staff Writer on 25th Jan 2024

Is a Place on Earth a cruelty-free company?

Yes, we are! But let’s explore the concept of cruelty-free a little further:

Here at A Place on Earth, we believe in cruelty-free product development and testing — which is why we’ve had a long-standing commitment to no animal testing of our products. There’s more to it, though.

Cruelty-free isn’t just a catchphrase. It’s not an idea. It’s an act: a conscious choice and subsequent, on-going action upon that choice to conduct business every day with no cruelty to our animal friends.

The Essence of Cruelty-Free Testing

The definition of cruelty-free is, in the most simplistic sense, that the product has been developed and tested without animal subjects.

Ending animal cruelty is important to us. To that end, we made a commitment years ago to a cruelty-free business model. Why? Because animals cannot consent to product testing experimentation. Subjecting them to it without informed consent is cruel and unethical. That would not align with our values as individuals or as a company. That is why we only conduct our product testing on human volunteers.

Our Commitment to Cruelty-Free Product Development & Testing

To further fulfill our cruelty-free mission, we source materials and ingredients from other cruelty-free companies and providers. Over time, this has allowed us to build and maintain a cruelty-free supply chain. Sometimes sourcing things cruelty-free means we pay more, but we value ethical practices over pure profit motives.

In some cases, our cruelty-free mission extends further than product testing: for instance, we source only sustainably produced palm oil for our manufacturing. This helps minimize ongoing habitat loss due to large-scale land clearing for the development of vast mono-culture palm plantations.

Such plantations have decimated the habitat and population of orangutans and other animals — an act of cruelty by any definition. By not supporting the ongoing massacre of the environment and wildlife for the expansion of palm production, we’re helping to reduce that cruelty, as well.

Alternatives to Animal Testing

Many companies worldwide have developed new and innovative testing techniques to avoid testing on animals. Fortunately, we make products that don’t require overly complicated and rigorous testing. This makes it ideal to test on informed, consenting human subjects. That’s why we prefer to test on family & friends.

Testing Policies and Procedures

We test first on family & friends, starting with the ones we like least and working our way up. (Why? Because if something unfortunate were to happen, we’d feel terrible if it was someone we liked. If somebody’s ass accidentally falls off, better it’s a disliked cousin or something.)

After that round is complete and we’re satisfied there’s nothing dangerous about the new product, we offer testing samples to employees and sometimes a few regular customers. If all goes well, we then take it to market.

No animals are used in testing, ever. Even in the case of our dog shampoo, we used it on a dozen humans before using it to bathe a dog!

The Future of Cruelty-Free Practices

As the public becomes more and more aware of issues and speaks out against animal cruelty, more companies are starting to transition to cruelty-free protocols. That is a good thing; we’re glad to see it! We look forward to seeing more of that in the future.

Our history of cruelty-free practices has put us ahead of that curve, and we intend to keep it up. If newer or better methods arise that work for our needs and allow us to maintain our cruelty-free ethical standards, we may adopt those methods.

Supporting Cruelty-Free Brands

We encourage our customers to support other cruelty-free brands. Actively seek out cruelty-free alternatives to the products you use!

Like all issues, if you want to see a change, you must vote with your dollars! It may be the incentive that finally tips a company into pursuing cruelty-free standards in their own testing and development protocols. By making conscious choices as a consumer — by choosing to engage in the decision and following action of cruelty-free yourself — you could help to shape a more humane future.


This wasn't an exhaustive article on the topic, but it covers the basics of the cruelty-free concept and how it applies to our work here at A Place on Earth.

As mentioned at the beginning, the term 'Cruelty-Free' means that our products are developed and tested without animal cruelty. Compassion and ethical behavior dictate that we cannot test on entities who cannot consent to said testing. Our ethical stance has driven us to make and keep our products free of animal cruelty. This is why we test our products only on informed, consenting human adults.

We thank you for supporting us in our mission and encourage you to make a conscious commitment to cruelty-free practices in your own life, including your product choices with other vendors.

You can bring the change. You can make change. You can be the change.

The animals will thank you for it!